CHC Agriculture Development (CHC Agri) has been active in China since 1994 and is located in Yunnan province, China.


In 2007 CHC Agri entered into a joint venture with the Dutch company VDB Roses. Thus, VDB Roses China (for simplicity hereinafter referred to as VDB Roses) was born. In the past 7 years, VDB Roses has grown from a small company to the largest flower business in China offering the widest variety of products.


VDB Roses is the market leader in terms of distribution, growing methods and sales. Utilising unique resources and knowledge, VDB Roses produce higher quality roses, and other flowers, than those using less advanced technology. Since its inception, VDB Roses has played an integral role in shaping the emerging flower industry in China. Likewise, VDB Roses has always sought to build strong links with the local community, government and universities.


VDB Roses has established sales offices in Kunming, Guangzhou and Shanghai, but use a wide distribution network to cover the whole of China. With the support of their suppliers, VDB Roses give the customer the best service possible and aim to translate local traditions and characteristics into their principles.


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