Launch Factory 88 helps companies gain a strong foothold in China. The solutions offered are geared towards industrial B2B companies that want to rapidly gain a competitive edge in the Chinese market.


Launch Factory 88 offer two core services: a distribution support platform, and localised manufacturing and assembly.


Launch Factory 88’s distribution support platform helps manage Chinese distributors better and ultimately aims to increase local market share. Using Launch Factory 88’s distributor support platform helps companies to cut down start-up costs, lead times and learning curves. This results in a faster and higher return on investment. After propelling companies into the Chinese market, Launch Factory 88 is there to support companies during their initial phase in China.


Running hand in hand with the distributor support service is localised manufacturing and assembly. Launch Factory 88 aids foreign companies in adapting their products to local market requirements, whilst cutting down total cost-of-ownership. A locally adapted product with a lower price tag will not only increase sales in China but also offer global cost advantages. Possessing high-mix, low-volume manufacturing facilities, Launch Factory 88 specialise in producing complex plastic and metal components and products. In addition, clients can take advantage of secured assembly spaces for sub or final assemblies.


With a parent company with over 17 years doing business in China, Launch Factory 88 has gained valuable first-hand experiences and developed a strong local network. Focusing on providing solutions for industrial B2B companies, Launch Factory 88 specialise further and are particularly strong in the environmental technology and medical devices industries.


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